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Differential Temperature Transducer

Split Delta-T | Applications | Specifications & Features

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Many heat transfer processes entail the necessity of measuring accurately the temperature rise (or decrease) in fluid streams. The Differential Temperature Transducer was designed to measure coolant fluid temperature change under difficult environmental conditions such as strong electromagnetic fields and current-carrying coolants. The instrument is based on a 20-junction thermopile (Type T) in which each junction is enclosed within its own miniature thermowell. The junctions are electrically isolated and shielded against electromagnetic radiation. Sizes available run from 1/4" to 2" fluid passage diameters.

Split Delta-T Model

Picture of a Split Delta-T

The Split Delta-T model is a variation of the original, single housing instrument. It was developed to overcome the limitation of requiring both fluid lines to be located in close proximity to each other, as required by the single housing instrument. The Split Delta-T features each of its two fluid passages contained in a separate housing, with the thermopile leads enclosed in a interconnecting shielded cable, available in lengths up to 15 feet. This model is available in sizes fom 3/4" to 4" diameters.


Specifications and Features

CONSTRUCTION: A 20-junction thermopile hermetically sealed, electrically isolated and electromagnetically shielded against radiation fields. Encapsulated in epoxy for shock resistance.
SENSITIVITY: 0.223 millivolts per degree Fahrenheit differential - maintains fixed calibration.
ACCURACY: +/- 0.07 degree Fahrenheit.
LIQUID PRESSURE: Up to 500 psi.
  1. Direct-reading oscillograph,
  2. high impedance amplifier recorder,
  3. millivolt potentiomenter,
  4. direct-reading panel meters,
  5. data acquisition systems.
MATERIAL: Type 304 stainless steel - other alloys on request.
RESPONSE TIME: Less than 0.5 second, for sizes 3/4" and larger. Less than .25 sec for smaller units.
RUGGEDNESS: Will withstand 100 g's acceleration.
ABSOLUTE TEMPERATURE LEVEL: 250 °F maximum - higher temperatures up to 600 °F on request.
SIZE: 1/4" diameter flow tubes to 2" diameter pipes.
FITTINGS: Straight-tube ends for compression fittings and NPT male threads - other styles on request. Electrical connector: -10 SL-3 P
DELIVERY: 30 days