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ASME Type Gas Flow Nozzles

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These elliptical contour, precision low-beta flow nozzles are ideal for all laboratory and industrial gas flow measurements. They meet ASME, NIST and ASHRAE specifications.

The required elliptical contour specified by ASME and NIST is generated by a CNC lathe, driven by a code developed by Delta-T Company. The resulting contour deviates from the theoretical ellipse by less than .0005" at any location.

The Small Series flow nozzles are CNC machined from aluminum bar stock (6061 T6) and clear hard anodized. They feature a uniform format, 5" O.D. and 4.25" bolt circle, making all throat sizes interchangeable within the series. Throat diameters available run from 0.250" to 1.500". Non-standard sizes within the limits are available at extra cost.

The Intermediate Series flow nozzles are fabricated of type 356 cast aluminum, clear anodized. They are machined using the same CNC code as the Small Series. The sizes available run from 1.500" throat diameter to 5.000" throat diameter.

We are no longer making the Large Series flow nozzles. If you wish to purchase the metal forms for producing epoxy-fiberglas nozzles with throat diameters of 6" to 12" please contact us.