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Instruments for research and development in flow measurement.

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Instruments for Research and Development in Flow Measurement

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Differential Temperature

The Delta-T Differential Temperature Transducer (DTT) was developed in a research project (electric arc heater technology) at NASA Ames Research Center in California.

The stressful environment of the electric arc, current-carrying coolant fluids, and extreme fluid pressurerequires an instrument that can handle that environment. The DTT was the answer to that set of problems and is readily adaptable to other scientific and commercial applications.

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ASME Flow Nozzles

The introduction of the ASME/NIST gas flow nozzle was inspired by the lack of commercial flow nozzles having the true elliptical contour mandated by ASME/NIST (formerly NBS).

By generating a flexible code for the CNC lathe, truly accurate contours can be generated, for both high beta and low beta flow nozzles, for any size desired. Delta-T Co.has been producing these flow nozzles for two decades.

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